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Universal 43GN Speedlight Flash + Umbrella Bracket Holder for Nikon Fuji Camera

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1. Fully manual flash unit, 2" LCD Screen, guide number of 43GN, CELL optical control, support strobe flash, can be connected with external battery power supply, fast recycling time of 3 sec;

2. Flash holder IS-GII with standard copper hot shoe mount, compatible with standard cold foot of Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus flashes;

3. Flash holder together with 1/4-3/8" adapter screw, can be connected with light stands or tripods with 1/4" or 3/8" screw head, easy to use.


Maximum index: 43GN (ISO100, 24mm)

Flash mode: M / MULTI, CELL

Head adjustment: 0 -270° rotation, -15-90° tilt

Power supply: 4 AA batteries

Number of flashes: 100-1000 times ( new batteries )

Recycling time: about 0.1 second when ≤ 1:128, about 3 seconds when 1:1

Brightness adjustment: 8 levels ( 1:128-1:1 )

Function extension: CP-E4 external power socket

Weight: about 325g

Applicable to:

Canon         EOS 1D/1Ds series, 7D/6D/5D Mark III/5D Mark II/5D, 1100D/1000D, EOS-M 

                    70D/60D/50D/40D/30D/20D/10D, 700D/600D/550D/500D/450D/400D/350D/300D/100D

Nikon          D4/D3X/D3S/D3, D800/D700/D610/D600, D300S/D300/D7100/D7000

                     D5200/D5100/D5000/D3200/D3100/D3000, D90/D80/D70S/D70/D60/D50/D40

Pentax         K-7/K-5/K-X/K-R, K20D/K10D/K200D/K100D

Olympus      E620/E610/E520/E510/E500/E420/E410/E330/E300

                     E-P1/E-P2/E-P3/E-P5, E-PL1/E-PL2/E-PL3/E-PL5, E-PM1/E-PM2, E-M1/E-M5

Panasonic    GH1/GH2/GH3, GF1/GF2/GF3/GF5/GF6, L1/L10

Fuji              X-E1/X-E2, X-PRO1, X-10/X-20, X-100/X-100S, X-M1

Sony            NEX-6, a99 (no other a series cameras)

Package Including:

1 x Flash body PL-E430

1 x Protective pouch

1 x 3-in-1 flash stand

1 x Flash holder IS-GII

1 x 1/4"-3/8" Adapter Screw IS-I 

(Note: the other items in the photos not listed here are for illustrating only, not included)


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