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Sniper Camera Shutter Release Remote Control/Flash Wireless Radio Trigger

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1. Long operation range, very low miss rate, multi-function all in one

1) Operation distance can be up to 500 metres in an open area with no obvious obstacles and no interferences;

2) Average hit rate can be over 90% within operation distance. 

3) Max SYNC speed can reach 1/500 seconds -- depending on your camera, Nikon D70, D40 can achieve it; 

4) The product is compatible with many flashguns including all major Canon, Nikon flash in non-TTL mode wirelessly as well as many different studio lights. 

5) The product is a must have gadget for creative shootings with ability of controlling up to 3 groups of flashguns wirelessly. When the device is set to flash mode, remote control flashguns in group A/B/C separately. When device is set to camera mode, group switch A/B/C will work as camera T/B/N switch. 

6) The product can also act as a wireless shutter remote control and support camera auto focus function. When in shutter control modes you can do 4 seconds delay shooting, bulb shooting and continuous shooting.

7) Each individual device can act as a transmitter or a receiver by setting and designed in a perfect and classic way. 

8) When in flash mode and in TX status, can active flashgun in sleeping mode wirelessly (in applicable range) by fully pressing button; when in camera mode and in TX status, can activate camera auto focus function by pressing button halfway, and can take a picture by fully pressing. 

9) Signal from camera hot shoe will go straight through to the device hot shoe. When the device is mounted on camera hot shoe, if there’s a flashgun also mounted on the device hot shoe, it will be fired as well as other flashgun connected wirelessly. 

10) PC SYNC socket and 2.5mm shutter control socket provide more expanding functions.

2. Operates on 2.4Ghz frequency band – operates on ISM frequency band and can achieve accurate and continuous communication with encryption and decryption technology. 

3. Anti-interference with 16-channel switch – it comes with 16 individual channels which can help eliminating signal interference and can improve reliability greatly. 

4. Acknowledgement indicator to display failure/success signals – Dual LED to clearly indicate operation status of receiving and sending signals.

5. Built in voltage detection circuit – smart power management

6. Support rechargeable batteries - it’s compatible with AA alkaline batteries as well as Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion and other rechargeable batteries.

7. Dustproof and waterproof design – In order to achieve a longer operation life, some key components are protected by double dustproof and waterproof layer.


Radio Band: 2.4GHz ISM band

Channels: 16

Power: <10dBm

Operation Distance: up to 500 meters

Flash Grouping: 3 x groups (A/B/C)

Sync Speed: ≥1/500 sec (Depending on Cameras)

Batteries: 2 x AA (Alkaline, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion)

Battery life: >= 300 HRs in transmitter mode

                  >= 50 HRs in receiver mode

Shutter Control Socket: 2.5mm socket

              Support 4 seconds delay shooting, bulb shooting and continuous shooting

PC SYNC Socket: ISO518 standard sync socket

Antenna: 50ohm SMA socket

Hot Shoe Contacts: compatible with ISO518, use ESD protection (IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 Standard)

Dimensions: 95×70×45mm

Net Weight: 120g

Working Temperature: -15 ~+50℃(test in lab)

Package Including:

2 * Wireless Radio Trigger

2 * Hot Shoe Cover

2 * Flash Base

2 * Velvet Protection Bag

2 * Lanyard


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