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2PCS Macro Focusing Rail Slider Close-up Shooting Camera Support for Tripod Head
2PCS Macro Focusing Rail Slider Close-up Shooting Camera Support for Tripod Head


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The rail can be mounted directly on an ARCA clamp on your tripod or you can use the threaded hole on the bottom of the rail to attach any quick release plate. The camera or lens is mounted on the rail by means of an ARCA quick release plate (not supplied). The clamp on the top of the rail holds the quick release plate securely with no detectable play. It is also possible to attach a second iShoot focus rail perpendicularly on top of the first rail using the same clamp if you want to provide controlled side-to side movement (I have not tried this).To adjust lens distance from the subject (and thus adjust the area in focus). you twist the knob at either end of the rail. The slider moves smoothly and hold its position well. The knobs are well made from high grade aluminum and are machined to provide a very sure grip. It is a treat to watch the area in focus move along the subject as you watch through the viewfinder. For large movements, you can press the quick release lever at the side of the slider. This disengages the threaded clamp form the drive rod so that you can rapidly move the camera/lens in and out. The quick release lever can lock to avoid accidents. There is also a knob on the far side of the slider that can fix the slider in position.
The iShoot macro focusing rail is very well made and an excellent value for the money. It is made from high quality materials that are precision machined. There is very little play in the mechanism - which is really important in macro photography. The rail uses a worm drive design that allows precise adjustment of the distance of the lens from the subject. Even with a heavy lens on the camera (Canon MP-E 65 on an 80D body), I could not detect any slippage down hill when the lens is angled down - presumably due to the friction between the threaded rod, bearings and the threaded clamp that is mounted in the slider. All of the mechanism is exposed so cleaning and lubrication are possible if needed. I'd recommend storing the rail protected from dust to avoid the need to clean it. One issue with this design is that it is possible to touch lubricated parts of the rail so care must be taken to avoid spreading lubricants to your other photographic equipment.
looking very good . thanks seller for the good products .
Was looking for a Macro Rail Kit that was compatible with my Arca P0 Tripod Head.Really impressed with its engineering
Initially when I realised I had ordered a product from China I was a little apprehensive. However having received and set the rails up with my camera I would have no reservations about using this company again.The finish on the rails is excellent and the engineering is precise and accurate.I have found no problem with backlash on the threads which can be evident on some Macro rails.Adjustment of the tension on the rail is easily achieved with a combination of the pressure screw and the clutch lock screw.I was also pleased that all connections are swiss arca so that they match neatly with my L bracket and tripod head.While this review is for the four way set the same quality etc. would apply to a single two way rail.Conclusion; A first class product and a sensible price.
A solid built kit and work really well
Absolutely fantastic to macro photographing.
The rail runs very smooth. It's very easy to use.
Beautiful piece of equipment. I tried some of the others at the same price point only to find they were very poorly made and had no stability whatsoever. I highly recommend this product from iShoot.
The design and quality of the iShoot focusing rails is top-notch. The micrometer adjustment knob moves the stage smoothly and precisely. It takes a full turn of the knob to move the stage 1mm, which allows the small increments of movement needed to support photo stacking of high magnification (1x-5x) macro images provided by my Canon MPE 65mm lens.
Great product. Item is much nicer then I expected for the price.It holds several styles of Arca Swiss compatible plates including plates with bottom safety screws.The lever on the side above the I Shoop logo is actually a quick adjustment button that rotates to prevent accidental movement.this 4-way unit is just 2 of the 2-way plates stacked each level has a quick adjust lever and a manual knob for"s nice and solid however It's a bit heavy I'm not sure there is any room for improvement.Overall it's a great device..