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  • Panorama Ball Head
  • Panoramic Ball Head with Quick Release Plate
  • Panning Ball Head with Quick Release Plate
  • Panorama Ball Head with Quick Release Plate
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  • Camera Panning Ball Head
  • Camera Panorama Ball Head
  • Camera Panoramic Ball Head with Quick Release Plate
  • Camera Panning Ball Head with Quick Release Plate

Panoramic Ball Head Panning Clamp & Panorama Base + Camera Quick Release Plate

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Tripod Ballhead

IS-FB52QJ64 Main features:

1. Main components made of aviation aluminum, CNC precisely machined, anodized surface; with stainless steel screw and copper guard plate for chassis; packaging volume is approx. 140 x 115 x 110mm, weight approx. 820g without accessories;

2. Low center of gravity design, the center of gravity is not more than 65mm; with double openings, convenient for vertical shooting; with red sphere of approx. 52mm in diameter;

3. Use lever principle, resulting in high locking force, lock the ball firmly, Max. Vertical load is about 25kg, Max. Bearing when tilted in 90 degrees is about 5kg;

4. When tilted in 90 degrees, the vertical error between the clamp and the ground is less than 3 degrees; when tilted in 45 degrees with bearing, after locking the ball, the free hang down range of the clamp is not more than 1mm;

5. Top is a panoramic clamp of 64mm in diameter, can rotate in 360 degrees freely, with a spirit level and a compass, jaws using RRS / ARCA-SWISS 39mm standard, can be replaced for upgrading; come with a quick release plate of Arca fit;

6. The bottom diameter is approx. 66mm, using UNC 3/8" screw hole;

7. The ball is locked by a metal master knob of approx. 37mm in diameter, the knob is also provided with a separate damping setting knob;

8. Bottom is a 360 degrees panoramic base, every 30 degrees as one segment, and the error is approx. 1 degree; with independent control knob, and built-in damping oil in the base.

QS-60 Quick Release Plate Main features:

1. Made of aviation aluminum, CNC precision machining, non-slip rubber pads at the front side, drop-proof screw at the back side, comes with 1/4" stainless steel screw;

2. Improved design, the maximum size is about 60 x 38.5 x 10mm, weight about 40g;

3. With standard AS interface, compatible with RRS / ARCA-SWISS / KIRK / Wimberley / MARKINS / SUNWAYFOTO / kangrinpoche / BENRO / SIRUI ball head and clamp of AS standard interface.

Package Including:

1 x iShoot Ball Head IS-FB52QJ64

1 x iShoot Quick Release Plate QS-60

(The other items in the photos not listed here are for illustrating only, not included)

Aviation aluminum
Packaging Volume:
140 x 115 x 110mm
Screw Hole:
UNC 3/8
Max Vertical Load :
Max Load (90 degrees):

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