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Why a Macro Flash Holder Can Help Get You Your Shots

Why a Macro Flash Holder Can Help Get You Your Shots

  • Sunday, 17 May 2020
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Why a Macro Flash Holder Can Help Get You Your Shots

A macro flash holder is a great way to use your flash in a variety of situations. In fact, using one can make it easier for you to adjust the speed and range of your flashes in order to be sure that the results are optimal.

When you first start looking for a macro flash, you will need to take some considerations into account. First, how big of a flash do you need? Once you know this, you can begin thinking about what type of lighting you will want to get.

The macro flash holder you choose is going to depend on the lighting options you have available in your scene. If you have a large backdrop behind your subject, or if you are using a large natural light source, then you will be able to adjust the settings for the flash the most easily.

However, if you have no props, or if you are lighting up your subject through a softbox, then you will need to find a macro flash holder that will allow you to adjust the setting for the flash appropriately. In many cases, this can simply be done by reversing the controls. Here is an example.

Suppose you are shooting in a studio, and you are trying to set up your subject for a still image with a hand holding a phone in frame. You know that the shutter speed is about 1/50th of a second, and that the aperture setting is wide open, so you set up your camera for a single shot. The only problem is that the shutter button is being pressed a lot, and this is causing a lot of light to come into the picture.

To solve this problem, you will need to find a macro flash holder that is designed to allow you to quickly reverse the controls, to either open or close the aperture to create a blur effect. It doesn't matter whether you are shooting a portrait, orif you are setting up a subject in the foreground, as long as you have this kind of shutter speed and aperture control, you will be able to effectively remove some of the blur.

Another option is to use your own unique way of framing your subject. You can also consider going back in time and doing something similar. When you are thinking about the best macro flash holders, you will want to keep in mind your overall lighting situation, as well as the placement of your subject.

A little planning goes a long way and can help you get the proper way of getting your macro shots. If you don't plan ahead, you may find yourself having to deal with a number of accidents on your macro flash.

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