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What Is the Main Key Features of a Ball Head Clamp?

What Is the Main Key Features of a Ball Head Clamp?

  • Sunday, 07 February 2021
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What Is the Main Key Features of a Ball Head Clamp?

If you are a beginner with your own equipment, you will want to invest in a ballhead clamp. A ballhead clamp is used most often for your small projects and for attaching lighting fasteners such as the threads on the end of light bulbs. There are many different ballhead clamps available. You should know that there are small and large ball head clamps, so knowing what will work best for your project will be important. When using a ballhead clamp, it is important that you keep these few tips in mind.

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Small projects can be difficult to complete if you do not have the proper ballhead clamps. These clamps come in both larger sizes, as well as smaller ones. The smallerrigger clamps are generally used for small to medium-sized projects, while the universal smallrigger ballhead clamp will work for any small diameter pipe. There are other types of smallrigger clamps, but the universal ones are the most popular.

If you are purchasing smallrigger or universal ball head clamps, you will need to know the diameter of the pipe before you make your purchase. There are also universal clamps that will fit any diameter pipe, but they are generally more expensive and harder to find. If you can't find the perfect sized universal ball head clamp, you might also try checking with your local plumbing supply store. They will likely have a few sizes that you can choose from.

The first thing to look for when purchasing a smallrigger or ball head clamp is what kind of screw hooking system it uses. There are basically three types of hooking systems; spiral threading, captive rod, and slide-track. Some clamps will use a single bolt system, while others will require two bolts. Some clamps are one-piece ball type, while others are two-piece. All of the clamps have key features in common, which include ball bearing push pins, ball bearing spring, and anti-static clutch.

If you are looking for a small rig multi-functional ballhead clamp, you might be interested in the built-in monitor option. This type has a built-in ball bearing clip to attach to your monitor, and it could attach an optional VGA or digital camera as well. A good thing about this type is that it has key features like anti-static clutch and anti-scratch safety. It also features side-cuts to allow you to attach the light source. The built-in clip is perfect for mounting on curved surfaces like metal pipes or cabinets.

The last common type that you can purchase is a non-motorized, key-free clamp that could attach either a VGA video light or a digital camera. Unlike the motorized one, this clamp does not have any extra features. However, it only has one side cutout to allow you to mount the light on the other end. You should also note that this clamp also has none of the good features like anti-static clutch and anti-scratch safety.

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