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The Different Ball Heads

The Different Ball Heads

  • Friday, 17 July 2020
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arca swiss ball head

The Different Ball Heads

Arca Swiss ball heads are certainly the most widely-used but also the least expensive of all ball heads, with a comparable setup and versatility to be the most expensive. The ball head market is one that changes quite rapidly as manufacturers decide what to make. Many good ball heads in this price range do not include the head at all, instead offering a single "O" ring so the player can connect two balls of the same size to create a double game.

Ball Swiss is another popular option. These balls have a nicely rounded shape, although the more curved ones tend to spin faster, and they come in two shapes - elliptical and convex. As the name suggests, these shapes are cut into slightly smaller sizes than traditional balls, which helps them fit better in the hand. The use of convex shapes tends to reduce drag, so with a bit of practice, you should be able to turn your shots into short-to-mid distance drives!

Ball is one of the most standard ball head types available and is well-known for its ability to achieve speed from an impact. I have seen people with very fast clubs who seemed to have a natural feel for the ball, so much so that they were able to skip a full-sized ball without dropping it on the ground! This is because of the very simple design of the ball.

There are other very flexible ball heads, such as the EZ Extruder, which gives the player the ability to "touch" the ball with the index finger rather than swinging it and this creates a higher degree of contact with the ball and speeds the ball down the fairway. The shaft of the ball actually has a slot cut in it that helps spin the ball out faster, so it makes a lot of sense to have a ball with no arms that can do this. The flexibility of the ball head actually serves a useful purpose when it comes to playing short games: since the body is a lot longer than the blade of the head, hitting with the head tends to get the ball closer to the player's target, which is how some folks like to play the game.

A different style of ball head exists, called the PCE ball head, which is sort of a cross between an Arca Swiss ball head and a golf club head. It has a heavier weight and firmer shaft, so players who like a more natural feel for their game should check it out. It does have the same unique design elements as the Swiss, such as a small hole and a smooth pointy tip, as well as the ability to allow the player to control their loft to an extent. This is especially useful for those who prefer a high loft to a lower loft to get a little more loft in their shot.

In short, the arca Swiss ball head is definitely a better golf club head, with a larger groove in the shaft to spread the weight across a larger area. They have a lot of different heads as well, and like the EZ Extruder, it has a well-rounded, round profile that improves even a little spin on the ball.

Ball is also a very unique set of clubs. They are much heavier and bulkier than a conventional club and the shaft has a low entry angle that can't help but provide some additional power. They are somewhat fragile and a little delicate, though they don't break easily and they give the golfer a unique feeling of control when the club is in their hands.

The best thing about the arca Swiss ball head is that they are so versatile. While they cost a little more than most other ball heads, they still remain a very popular choice among players.

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