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Nikon Lens Tripod Collar

  • Saturday, 02 May 2020
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Nikon Lens Tripod Collar

Nikon D750 users are happy to discover the addition of the wireless, ultra-compact, fully-functional Nikon Lens Tripod Collar, to their kit. It makes carrying your camera apparatus to and from the shooting location a cinch. So, when you get your Nikon D750, think about getting one of these new accessories.

The most interesting part of this accessory is the ability to eliminate the need for a tripod and have the collar mount on any Nikon D750 camera that has the same type of lens (single lens reflex). The collar attaches directly to the D750 camera body with the tripod socket already installed. The mount attaches securely to the camera using the metal clamp that ensures the mounting plate does not move during use. This design features the ability to use only the tripod socket of the camera rather than a separate mount that can be very troublesome and time consuming to use.

It takes advantage of the new attachment system that allows the collar to attach securely to the D750 using the previously discussed Nikon locking tab attachment system. The collar can be removed when the user needs to use the camera's aperture or shutter speed dial, so it is easy to take the camera out of storage or to change lenses, or use other functions. Also, the collar has a large handle that allows for easy, ergonomic positioning of the device.

Since it's mounted on the camera itself, the Nikon Lens Tripod Collar does not require a tripod to be used - a feature many of us wanted in a camera accessory. This is a great benefit since many of us want a quick way to have a steady photo shoot without the expense of purchasing and using a tripod. So, this is a great convenience for many professional photographers.

The collar can be quickly and easily removed for use on the fly. It is light weight and the clamp is easy to attach or detach when needed. The combination of convenience and portability makes the collar perfect for anyone who wants to be mobile and be able to use the camera while moving.

If you aren't familiar with how to use a collar or have been injured or have a problem with an arm or hand, it is recommended that you contact a Nikon authorized service center. Since this is an accessory for your D750, it will be repaired or replaced if there is damage done. While it might seem like a small accessory to many of us, the convenience of not having to carry a tripod can make a big difference when you are traveling to a shooting location and are looking for a quick, unobtrusive way to shoot.

When the collar is detached from the camera, the lens follows the camera through the menu in a similar manner to how the LCD screen does. The camera and lens remain still and focused through the entire process. The collar is easily removed to allow the lens to be moved to achieve a variety of different styles for you shots.

Buying one of these accessories can be a real convenience. And while you are out and about, without worry about the rigors of a tripod, you can enjoy the benefits of being mobile and always have a level of support with your photos.

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