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Lens Collar Tripod Mount Rings With QR Plate

  • Friday, 06 August 2021
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Lens Collar Tripod Mount Rings With QR Plate

Tripod cameras and lens can be conveniently carried around by the users without any hassle.lens collar tripod mount ring with qr plate But this convenience comes at a cost, especially when it is the lens mount which is prone to wear and tear easily. Branded lens have an easier time of wear and tear. Lenses are designed in a way that they do not scratch easily even when they are placed against a hard surface like a table top. If they are scratched they can be easily replaced.

A good quality tripod mount ring should provide easy adjustment in all axis of the lens.lens collar tripod mount ring with qr plate In fact the lens should have some type of locking mechanism for such purpose. Most camera lens owners prefer to use Canon lens collar type of mount ring. It is not that these are the best in the market but they are widely popular due to the best features they provide. They also come with rubberized grip for the convenience of the user.

The weight of the lens should be compatible with that of the camera. Some cameras are light while some are pretty heavy. As a matter of fact the lighter the lens the more easily the lens can be transported from one place to another. Branded lens are much heavier than generic lenses. Hence it is advisable to buy a lens mount ring that is lighter in weight and also has locking features so that it is easy to adjust the weight.

The material from which the lens collar is made should be checked before purchase. It should be of high quality as a good quality mount ring will last longer. If the lens collar is made up of plastic then it would be quite durable. But if the material is of leather then it will rot easily and will wear out soon. So it is better to go for glass lens collar if you want to make sure that your lens remains sharp for a long time.

The size of the lens mount ring should also be taken into consideration. The large a lens is the more the weight will be and if the lens is too heavy then it will not be easy to carry it. But the size of the lens should be decided by the user and not by the manufacturer. The most important part of the lens is its durability and if the mount ring is not strong then there can be a problem in using the lens.

A good tripod mount ring should have all the above features so that you can safely carry your lens anywhere. But one more feature that is important is the ability to lock the lens firmly to any particular tripod or camera. This feature helps you take pictures without having to worry about your lens getting knocked off the mount ring. It is also possible to use locking mechanism when you have the cap or lens case with you. This way you can ensure that the lens remains secure even while you are carrying it.

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