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How to Use a Macro Flash Holder

  • Friday, 26 June 2020
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How to Use a Macro Flash Holder

What does a macro flash holder look like? Well, it's basically a small holder that you can slip a macro lens on, for taking close up shots of the minutest detail in the subject's environment.

The majority of holders are made from metal, and when fitted with a macro lens, they look rather nice. They're also a little more durable than other types of holding devices - and this is to do with the design of the clip that holds the lens in place.

In most cases, a micro holding device will have a thin metal strip running across the bottom of it. This is to be used to attach the macro lens, and to which the lens is held firmly in place. The same is true of a macro flash holder.

When using a macro lens, your hand will be free to move around as it is, and as such you should be careful not to accidentally get it stuck on something, or even hit anything whilst taking the shot. If you are wearing gloves, be sure that you put them on before you use the macro lens - you'll also need to keep them on to make sure that the object isn't scratched, as this is a common fault with macro lenses. You should also keep a second pair of gloves nearby in case you hit your hand with the light source, as this will ruin the image you've already taken.

All you have to do is simply drop the macro flash holder into the same position as before, with the lens in place. You can then turn the macro flash off and release the shutter - the shutter button will then be accessible via the grip of the holder. The lenses are most often released by pushing the left or right side of the lens barrel - these are labelled on the lens itself, but there are other methods you can use to get them out if you want to.

The two rubber feet that support the holder will then allow the lens to move into the correct position, and you will then be able to find the release button on the flash. A wide lens will normally have a 'zoom' setting built into it - use this to adjust the depth of field of the photo - you may need to enlarge the photo a little to achieve this.

Once you have taken the shot, you will then need to wind the macro flash holder back up. You can wind it around itself, or simply wind the metal strip that passes over the lens barrel. After the camera has been turned off again, you should set the switch for the macro flash back to the mode you set it to initially - the macro mode.

As you can see, the macro flash holder is quite simple to use, but once you do it you'll wonder how you managed without it for so long. It's fun, and affordable way to capture those amazing, close up images, for both the amateur and professional photographer alike.

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