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Efficient Sports Lens Collar - Four Things to Consider

Efficient Sports Lens Collar - Four Things to Consider

  • Saturday, 31 July 2021
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Efficient Sports Lens Collar - Four Things to Consider

Choosing an economical sports lens collar is not as simple as you may think.economical sports lens collar With so many different options available, you'll likely be very confused on which one to choose. First of all, consider your use of the lenses while playing sports. Do you just use them occasionally, or do you play sports such as football that require strong focus and steady hand held control? If you're looking to buy a cheaper sports lens collar, then you probably only use the lenses occasionally, so it will make no difference to the price what kind of lens mount you get.

Then think about the use of the lenses. Are they for extreme sports only, or are they also used frequently like contact lenses? The more the lenses are used, the more prone to losing them they will become. The lenses are usually hard to lose, but even a small amount of moisture can do some damage. If you are in need of some replacement lenses often, then you might want to consider spending the extra money for a collar that is specially made for lenses.

The materials that lenses are usually made out of are important too. Often, you will be offered some choice between plastic and polycarbonate lenses. The plastic lenses will usually be cheaper than polycarbonate ones, but they tend to break much easier. The polycarbonate lenses are usually considered to be a good compromise between price and durability. They are relatively expensive, but they're very durable and will last a very long time, although they do start to bend after repeated use.

The third thing you might want to consider before buying is how the lens attaches to the collar. Most collars these days are either clip on or snap on. Clip on collars are better for low profile lenses, as you won't need to worry about moving them around. However, if you have larger lenses, then it will probably be best to go with a snap on collar. The snaps make it easy to remove your lenses when you need to, while also being able to keep them together neatly when not in use.

It's also important that the lenses you get attach to the collar with clamps, or with adapters. If the lenses fall off, you risk damaging the lens, or possibly injuring yourself while trying to fasten the lens to the collar. This is something that is worth thinking about carefully, especially if you have more expensive lenses. A good, efficient and safe, economical sports lens collar will reduce the likelihood of any accidents.

The fourth thing to think about is whether the lenses are clip or bolt on. Bolt on collars usually cost a little bit more than clip collars, and are a good idea for high performance lenses. Clip on lenses can be a little bit trickier to install - especially if you don't use a good adhesive to attach them. It's important that you read up on installation instructions and watch professional installers to be sure that you get it right.

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