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A Guide to Tripod Mount Rings

  • Wednesday, 07 October 2020
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A Guide to Tripod Mount Rings

The tripod mount ring is one of the more commonly used accessories on digital cameras. It is an important part of most tripod mounts and is designed to prevent camera shake, allowing the camera to be steadied while you are taking photographs. You will want to keep this ring attached at all times, but it can easily be removed if you need to take photos with your handheld camera or if you are not interested in using your tripod anymore.

The tripod mount is typically designed into the bottom plate of the camera, using a simple, standard screw with no tools. This is an essential component, but it isn't often necessary to replace it unless the tripod that you are using is no longer supported by the camera. The basic rule of thumb when mounting your lens to the tripod, both monopod platypus, and anything else, is to always use the tripod mount designed into the bottom plate of the camera. This is a universal fitting, with a 3/8-inch screw, exactly like used by many manufacturers of tripod mounts.

Tripod rings usually include a length of plastic cord that is used to attach the ring to the tripod. You will want to make sure that you do not pull or twist the cord when attaching your ring. This can cause a serious injury if you are not careful, and you may end up breaking the cord.

If the tripod mount ring is not provided with the camera, you will have to find one that is compatible. Many people buy a new tripod mount ring for their camera that has been modified so that it is also compatible with another brand of camera and with different tripod models.

Sometimes, when you are looking for a tripod mount, you may find that there is not a ring with which to attach the lens. In these cases, you can purchase a universal lens mount, which uses the same ring for both the camera and the lens, but has a different size of thread on the other side of the lens. Most lenses are designed to mount on this type of tripod.

If you don't have a tripod mount ring, you may want to look into purchasing a universal clamp mount. This allows you to attach both the camera and the lens, even though they are of different diameters. When you decide which kind of clamp is best for you, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully on the website or manufacturer of the clamp to ensure proper installation.

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