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A Ballhead and a Tumbler - What's the Difference?

A Ballhead and a Tumbler - What's the Difference?

  • Saturday, 22 August 2020
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A Ballhead and a Tumbler - What's the Difference?

A ballhead is a plastic or metal device placed on top of an inverted tripod that provides faster, easier, and better rotation of the camera lens for the photographer. They are much lighter than the usual three-way tilting tripod heads available on the market.

Ballheads can be either used as a stand alone unit or used with a tripod for a variety of photographic uses. Stand alone units usually have the most versatility but are not as sturdy as a tripod. A stand alone ballhead has to be supported by some kind of tripod for it to work properly. Stand alone ballheads often need a tripod to operate because they have a larger diameter than most of today's tripod heads which makes it necessary for the tripod to have a strong base and strong legs to hold the camera securely on.

Tripods are much more stable and provide a much steadier image from any position. Many tripod heads feature a tilt mechanism that allows the photographer to shift the angle between the lens and the camera in order to adjust for any position where the subject may be located. The tilt mechanism allows for even positioning at all different angles, allowing for smooth, fluid transitions between the two images and avoiding the shaky movement common with point-and-shoot cameras when the subject moves.

Some ballhead models have the ability to detach from the tripod and be used by itself. This is useful for taking close up shots of flowers, animals, or other subjects that may not be too close to the camera. These ballhead detachments can also be attached to the tripod for use when moving to other positions, and the retractable camcorder lens can also be attached to a ballhead so that the photographer can take a longer distance portrait without having to switch lenses.

A tripod head is essential for anyone who intends to use a digital camera. With a tripod head, the photographer is able to change angles without having to take a shot or move the camera around. The tripod head helps to stabilize the camera which greatly increases the quality of the photograph and allows for better motion.

If you are using a tripod in conjunction with a ballhead, make sure the tripod head you purchase supports the ballhead you are using. There are ballhead head kits that can be purchased separately, or with a tripod head already installed. These can be the most affordable way to get a tripod with the ability to rotate your digital camera.

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