• Honeycomb Grid
  • Camera Honeycomb Grid
  • Red RGB Color Filter
  • Green RGB Color Filter
  • Blue RGB Color Filter
  • Flash Softbox
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  • Flash Reflector
  • Camera Foldable Reflector
  • Honeycomb Grid Cover
  • Camera Honeycomb Grid Cover
  • 45° Honeycomb Grid
  • 25° Honeycomb Grid
  • Versatile Flash Softbox
  • Camera Versatile Flash Softbox

Combo Multifunctional 25°+45° Honeycomb Grid + Cover + Red Green Blue RGB Color Filter + Snoot Flash Softbox Diffuser Reflector

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Tripod Ballhead


1. Honeycomb grid cover made of synthetic rubber, designed with slot; honeycomb grid made of environmentally friendly ABS + PC material, 45° and 25°;

2. Two kinds of honeycomb grid can be used independently, which can also be superimposed into 16°;

3. Color filter based on RGB theory, with red, green and blue three pure color;

4. 25x28cm PLUS Version multifunctional foldable reflector made of DuPont rip-stop Nylon material and reflective material, built-in three flexible metal tubes, can do all kinds of shape, expanded area of approximately 25 x 28cm; can be rolled into tubular, and can be used with white baffle to be a closed softbox.

5. Honeycomb grid with color filter together, can be used with 25x28cm PLUS Version multifunctional foldable reflector / versatile flash softbox.

Applicable to:

Canon 600EX-RT/580EX II/580EX/550EX/540EZ/430EX II/430EX/380EX

Nikon SB910/SB900/SB800/SB700/SB600/SB80DX/SB28/SB26/SB24

Sony F60/F58AM/F56AM/F43AM/F42AM/F36AM

Pentax 54AF00FGZ/AF500FTZ/AF360FGZ

Olympus FL-50R/FL-36R

Metz AF58/AF54/AF50/AF48/AF44/AF36

Sigma EF500 Series/EF530 Series/EF540 Series

Nissin DI866 Series/DI622 Series/DI466 Series

Package Including:

1 x iShoot 25x28cm PLUS Version Foldable Reflector / Versatile Flash Softbox

1 x Honeycomb Grid Cover

1 x 25° Honeycomb Grid

1 x 45° Honeycomb Grid

1 x Red Green Blue RGB Color Filter Combo


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ByU***nSaturday, 12 October 2019
good quality
ByEddyTuesday, 16 April 2019
I bought it at a nice price, which is really worth it.