400W Comet Mount Compact Portable Studio & Outdoor Flash Strobe Monolight with Battery Power Remote Control

400W Comet Mount Compact Portable Studio & Outdoor Flash Strobe Monolight with Battery Power Remote Control
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400W Comet Mount Compact Portable Outdoor Flash UTP-B4
--- Power Supply and Flash Body Made in One Piece
--- 100m Trigger Range, 10W LED Continuous Light
1. Integrated design, power supply and flash body are made in one piece; small size, the volume is about 25cm long x 16cm wide x 19cm high (including reflector, holder and battery); light weight, net weight is only about 1715g, very convenient to carry;
2. With Japanese Comet mount, compatible with all studio flash accessories of Comet mount; can use accessories of Bowens mount through mount adapters; using 5500K color temperature tube, 10W high power LED continuous light, with 11.1/V4000mAh lithium-ion battery, full power optical output can continuously flash 300 times at full output when the power is full;
3. The flash body is made of Aluminum Alloy shell, LCD display, built-in multifunctional digital receiver, touch-type electronic switch, 1/1--1/64 output power, 19 grades adjustable; in addition to remote control flash, optical control and external SYNC cable control are also available; the highest synchronous speed up to 1/350 seconds (far more than most cameras’ synchronous speed);
4. Come with a free multifunctional remote control, remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, the maximum outdoor effective distance up to 100 meters, with LCD display, integrated channel selection, LED switch, optical switch, power adjustment, warning tone switch, test button; remote control supports hand-held operation, can also be installed in the camera hot shoe; with standard cold foot, can be used with Canon, Nikon and other cameras of standard hot shoe;
5. Provide a high power charger, working voltage is 100-240V/50-60Hz, the maximum power output is 12.6V/1.8A, with LED status indicator, can charge the lithium battery fully in about 4 hours; in addition, provide with a 2.5m SYNC cord with 3.5mm plug and transmitter, very practical.
Main volume: 25cm long x 16cm wide x 19cm high
Net weight: 1715g
The bayonet: Comet mount
Maximum power: about 400W
Basic color temperature: about 5500k
Recycling time: about 0.2 second (1/64) --3.5 seconds (1/1)
Power output: 19 grades adjustable
LED light source: maximum of about 10W
Remote control distance: the maximum outdoor range of about 100 meters, indoor about 30 meters
Sync speed: up to 1/350 seconds (depending on the camera)
Battery type: 11.1V/4000mAh lithium ion battery
Battery weight: about 350g
Charging time: about 4 hours
Charger: working voltage 100-240V/50-60Hz; Output power: 12.6V/1.8A
Flash times: about 300 times at 1/1 output with full power not turning on LED light
SYCN voltage: can withstand the maximum synchronous voltage of DC5V
With optical control switch, buzzer and Overheat alarm.
1. The product and accessories are not waterproof, can not work in high temperature and humid environment; please turn off the power when not in use, and kept in the dry and room temperature;
2. The battery need charged once no more than 30 days; can not be charged when power on, otherwise, it'll be easy to damage the battery and charger;
3. Some of the functions of the multi-functional remote control with the portable flash are developed for flashes of other models, so it is not defective when not working with this flash;
4. The highest SYNC speed of this product by test is up to 1/350 seconds, due to many cameras’ output flash sync speed can’t reach it, please refer to the actual speed;
5. The product is still in continuous improvement, the listing may not be updated in real time, if there’re some differences in details between the product received and description in listing, please prevail in kind.
Package Including:
1 x Flash body
1 x Reflector
1 x Li ion battery
1 x Charger
1 x Sync cord
1 x Remote control
(The other items in the photos not listed here are for illustrating only, not included)

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